Searching for MRS 3 Bali

Minenräumschiff Bali



Welcome to my homepage.

I am amidst the search for information regarding MRS 3 Bali, a German mine cruiser (Minenräumschiff Bali), that served during the Second World War.

I am interested in acquisition of all possible information, pictures, stories, facts, and, most importantly, its crew.

The ship was stationed in Norway in the Sandnessjøen area. The ship sailed a lot during the war though, such as sailing to Denmark, the Netherlands, and perhaps Kiel in Germany.

My primary reason for this search is the fact that my paternal grandfather served on the ship, at least in April 1943. 

Through the years, I have explored and gathered information using archives and history books; however, I have reached a juncture where I require the assistance of other people, that either know more about the German archives than I do (I am from Denmark), or who might even be related to the navel soldiers that served on the ship itself.

If you possess any kind of information regarding this ship and its crew members, please feel free to contact me on since ýour assistance might be of considerable help. 


This site was constructed solely to explore and seek information regarding my family. I do not promote or condemn anyone with ties to MRS Bali, nor do I seek any financial gain.